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At Volusion, we all know how hard it will be a founder. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve pulled all-nighters in the office, neglecting our spouses and youngsters in the success.


However there’s a different way to win at the office and also at home: FounderBot.


FounderBot is the smart partner and ace in the hole. Because we all know all you want to complete is figure, work, work. You can now. And your loved ones won’t even notice.


With FounderBot, you can…

  • Do all of it like there’s both of you
  • Exist for the spouse and youngsters without having to be there
  • Strive and play hard like it’s easy

“FounderBot reads to my children during the night, in order to concentrate on studying company metrics.”

— Amy from Austin

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Steps to make #hashtags Work with Your Brand



Should you not have a tendency to use hashtags, scrolling through any social networking feed #can #be #overwhelming. A lot of brands are employing hashtags to grow their achieve, but working out how and when to correctly wield that mighty # may also be unclear. What in the event you mention? Who in the event you mention? What does #instagood mean? The other crazy hashtag jargon is going swimming available?? Never fear: listed here are a couple of guidelines to help you make hashtags your brand-new #bffs.

Quick Refresher: Hashtags 101

Everyone knows what #hashtagslooklike, but when you’ve not used at all them, their function could be unclear. (And knowing using ‘em, great! Hop lower to another section.) On social networking, hashtags behave as a type of filing system for several topics. People tag their posts with hashtags, which kind content into designated “files.” These files include all posts with this particular hashtag. Some hashtags have countless posts, while others…are a little more specific.

Making use of hashtags

So how will you make hashtags work with your brand? First, do your homework. Determine what’s trending inside your niche, and sometimes it means spending 30 minutes trying to find various iterations of #mensfashion. Seriously: #mensfashion and #menstyle might be super similar terms, but because hashtags both of them have separate-but-large traction. It might be painstaking, but develop every word combination you are able to to explain your brand, observe how the hashtags do on social making a listing of those that are sticking.

Typically of thumb, it&#8217s better to use niche-specific hashtags rather of broad-but-trendy ones (such as the ever-popular #instagood). Ambiguous hashtags like #instagood may lead to numerous likes, but many of them will most likely be junk e-mail accounts. You need to drive more top quality, relevant likes and gain supporters by utilizing industry relevant tags.

Be selective

Now that you’ve got that list, it might be tempting to simply slap all of the hashtags on every publish you are making. Not too fast! While hashtags are ideal for brand visibility, they may also clutter your posts. Furthermore, you shouldn’t seem like you’re trying way too hard. Listed here are strategies for hashtag experience a few of the bigger platforms available.

Twitter: You’ve only got 140 figures, so make ‘em count. If you have something great to state that does not leave any room for hashtags, that’s fine! Don’t sacrifice good content for exposure tactics. When you’re able to to squeeze inside a hashtag, ensure that it stays short and sweet. Find a couple of that succeed and can get the way without weighing lower your tweet. Also, never be afraid to get clever, as JetBlue demonstrates well:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.50.40 PM

Instagram: With IG, you can include as much as 30 hashtags per publish. (Should you increase the than 30, your publish won’t appear most of the tags.) If you wish to increase the hashtags (or have no within the original caption), there&#8217s a means that can be done by commenting by yourself photo. This makes your photo look less spammy, and that’s why you might like to turn it into a best practice every time you publish:



Furthermore, it&#8217s really useful to look for hashtags that could be highly relevant to your publish, to determine what terms works good for you. Instagram&#8217s search feature rocks ! for this sort of discovery. Should you start typing a thing within the hashtag you need to use, it’ll show best hashtags using their recognition/volume count right quietly. You may also use free tools like Hashtagify to locate tags associated with your publish and just how popular they’re too!

Facebook: Facebook isn’t exactly a large player within the hashtag game, however that doesn’t mean you cannot utilize it to your benefit. Although it does not have the type limit of Twitter, in addition, there’s no clever method to hide your tags, like on IG. Keep Facebook hashtags thoughtful, relevant and somewhat brief.


Branded hashtags

If you are really feeling adventurous, you may create your personal hashtag campaign for the brand. This is effective if you are managing a contest, or you want individuals to interact more together with your social funnel. For instance, #TacoBellWedding isn’t exactly a figures-driving phrase, however the chain makes it right into a fun social tag where those who have had Wendy’s in their wedding can submit photos. (Making everybody else jealous.)


It comes down lower to good sense.

There aren’t any set hashtags make use of on a publish, and there’s no rulebook for that Dos and Don’ts of hashtag usage. If you are feeling uncertain, just stick to good ol’ good sense. Do you know the first couple of words that spring to mind whenever you consider the publish you’re going to make? Odds are, they’re exactly the same words that first spring to mind for everybody else searching up that subject. Remain on logo and stay savvy, but don’t lose energy debating on if you should put #sunflowers with that pretty sunflower photo you simply published. Simply do it! Alter how and when you utilize hashtags, and soon you will be a #pro.

Have you got any strategies for using hashtags? Tell us within the comments!

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5 Funny Brands to follow along with on Social Networking



Have you been to some party high&#8217s only one person trying very hard to become funny but rather winds up being awkward? (Ominous cricket sounds without anyone’s knowledge.) We all know you’ve. Today’s realm of social systems is precisely that: a celebration filled with people competing for attention. Although some brands are wonderful at being funny and really entertaining people, others fail miserably. Brands have a tendency to forget that social networking for clients are still social networking. Which means that certainly one of their primary goals should be to entertain people through genuinely good content.

Listed here are five brands which will certainly obtain a good laugh from you:

Wendy’s is becoming well known for “roasting” people on Twitter. The company reacts to trolls and negative comments with cool, witty and slightly aggressive responses, and most half around the globe is laughing. Wendy’s Twitter responses are humorous since they’re shedding light on negativity and reacting into it with genius. Carrying this out hasn’t only elevated their social networking engagement but additionally their brand loyalty, because who doesn’t wish to be around someone who fun?


Netflix completely understands what it really way to be…Netflix. For those who have a Netflix account, you’ve most likely cancelled intends to lay lower during sex and binge be careful about your favorite Television shows — and they completely have it! They’re pretty comic simply because they create content that users can connect with. Many people feel ashamed once they treat themselves to some night (or nights) of binge watching — and here’s Netflix suggesting “Hey, it’s okay, perform it!” When you are so freely honest concerning the relationship that individuals have using their Netflix, they’ve produced a sense of community and built a level more powerful brand loyalty.




Peanut required the “hangry” concept to another level and transformed it into comedy. There is a number of videos portraying exaggerated (or possibly not too exaggerated) scenarios of the items people seem like once they get hangry feelings. It’s funny because hangry is really a factor. We have all seen the planet close lower upon us whenever we get feelings of hunger, however, seeing it on another person is amusing. Peanut added some comedy towards the human feelings of hangry as well as in came back acquired audience engagement and brand loyalty.



Charmin isn’t just toilet tissue: oh, no. It’s the funniest toilet tissue on the market. They’ve personified something which is ordinary (and associated with all sorts of grossness) and trained with humor. Charmin has disclosed all of the nasty stuff that undergo the mind as you’re going to enter an open rest room and it is amusing. It’s funny to understand that others share exactly the same rest room feelings while you. By creating content that individuals can directly connect with, they’ve elevated their brand awareness and engagement.


Cosmopolitan is that you simply, your mother, other people you know, the man you’re dating and every other person available. To state their submissions are funny is a big understatement. Cosmopolitan doesn’t have shame in creating content that mentions things many people don’t feel at ease speaking about. They take all of your feelings, give a little humor for them and set them available with the thought of telling you that it is completely okay to feel in a certain style. Cosmopolitan offers comfort through humor and due to it’s tremendously elevated their audience size and elevated brand loyalty.


What else could you gain knowledge from the humor of those brands? It’s easy: create content that individuals can connect with. When designing content it may be simple to get transported away thinking too much on how to stick out. Sure, sometimes this really is necessary to produce a “big” campaign but typically, the information is lounging right before you. Know your logo and find out about your audience as well as their behavior. Then, create content that they’ll connect with: give a little creativeness and also you&#8217ll have genuine and authentic content!

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Branding 101: Steps to make Your Social Networking Stick Out


Are you currently full of envy because you want you might take killer pictures such as the ones the thing is in your social networking feeds? The fact is, it’s not necessary to become a artist or perhaps a professional professional photographer to produce awesome images much like your favorite blogger.

That will help you craft your social networking persona just like a pro, we’ve provided quick tips featuring creative tips, free photo editing sources and much more. After studying this you&#8217ll function as the one making other brands envious of the social skills.

Help Make Your Social Networking Profiles Look Great

Firstly: begin by giving you better profile images. The pictures and content featured in your social networking profile are not only seen an immediate reflection of the brand, however they is yet another good indicator of the caliber of your choices. You need to make certain that you’re delivering a powerful brand message, and absolutely nothing helps this greater than getting high-quality profile images.

1. Profile Pictures

It’s more often than not considered a finest practice for the business profile’s primary picture to feature your emblem. Make certain that the emblem is obvious and readable, and steer clear of using any kind of design or images on or behind the emblem itself. Getting logos as profile picture has a tendency to give companies (especially startups) more credibility. It’s a good way that people identify your company as a result, and differentiate it from personal profiles or perhaps junk e-mail.

2. Cover Photos and Headers

Cover photos provide a great chance to exhibit on the broader level what your company is about. Because they are the greatest images (literally, dimension-wise) featured in your profiles, they may be probably the most distracting item for any viewer. Because of this, it is crucial to make use of a watch-catching image which will portray the main message of the brand. To make sure higher quality and ease, stay away from text or any kind of graphics around the image. The only real occasion where it&#8217s Alright to use text or clean graphics around the cover photo/header is always to promote a specific event or purchase. Apart from that, cure it whenever possible.


Both profile and canopy pictures ought to be altered periodically, particularly with the modification of seasons, holidays, new merchandise arrivals and special occasions. If you’ve had exactly the same profile images for more than two several weeks, now is a great time for you to upload brand new ones. Bear in mind that for more powerful branding, you should remain consistent and show cohesiveness during your profiles. Which means that should you alter the cover photo on Facebook, make certain that you simply also alter the image for Twitter and they are generally exactly the same image.

Another factor to bear in mind when designing high-quality profile images would be to always consider each social networking channel’s most up to date sizing and formatting needs. These 4 elements always play a huge role in affecting the caliber of images. Sprout’s Always Up-To-Date Social Networking Image Sizes Cheat Sheet is a straightforward way to determine if you use the best image dimensions and Pic Re-size is a superb tool to re-size any images you may have. The final factor you would like is perfect for a great image to appear overstretched or small!

How will you make pictures look amazing?

First, you need to produce a content schedule. Much like it may sound, a content schedule is essentially all the content you intend to feature throughout some time, organized right into a document of your liking. It’s much like taking notes attending college: everyone includes a different type of doing the work. Should you aren’t sure how to pull off creating one, here&#8217s an excellent resource that gives templates that you should download. Organizing your articles will not only help you intend a method, but additionally allows you to remain consistent in posting.

From my experience when controling a number of brands as well as in different industries, I&#8217ve complied things i say is the eight concepts of creative:


1. Use simplicity. Simple may be the new beautiful. Lengthy the days are gone of tacky advertisements. When taking photos of the merchandise, keep things crisp. Never be afraid to have a single item on the plain and well-lit background, like Hieleven demonstrates here.


2. Contrast colors. Make certain to make use of contrasting colors throughout your images, like Jane Ko does. Carrying this out allows your eyes to travel through an image and concentrate attention on particular products.


3. Craft a great story. Probably the most effective brands are the type that craft a life-style concept round the message they’re attempting to deliver. This provides people something they are able to emotionally connect with. With some elegance, narration and artistic value, you should use images to inform your brand’s story. Avoid only posting images regarding your products or services. Think on the bigger level, and identify other activities that report for your business, like Beardbrand does on their own Instagram.


4. Adopt a general theme. Creating a general theme for the images can offer consistency which help reinforce your brand identity. It may also allow it to be simpler that people rapidly familiarize themselves together with your brand. You may create a general theme for the images in several ways. For instance, many people make use of the same photo filter, while some make use of a particular position or color its their images. Nectar and Stone does a fantastic job of the within their feed.


5. Use strong symmetry, points of interest and balance of objects. When photographing various products, for strong symmetry use the rule of thirds. This will assistance to place concentrate on particular products and balance objects. This is particularly best to remember when photographing multiple products. Browse the Pink Diary for many illustrations.


6. Include individuals your images. Nothing inflicts more emotional appeal than pictures of people. For instance, even when you’re just photographing coffee, then add existence towards the image and photograph a hands holding the cup, like Alfred Coffee did. This adds a particular relativeness and will also be perceived more cordially than whether it only agreed to be a go from the cup itself.


7. Do something shots. A different way to grab attention and cause emotion is thru action shots. For instance, in case your business sells cake mixes, have a picture of somebody that’s while mixing the components or baking a cake. Yeti combines both a life-style image as well as an action shot within their snap above.


8. Mix things up. Use variations of photography or content. For instance, experiment by utilizing different picture layouts (like a flat lay) or integrating video to your feed. It’ll make things more entertaining and drive greater amounts of engagement together with your target group! Scope Refinery29 for many great inspiration here.

Free Sources Are Growing the web

What goes on should you not possess the sources to create your pictures top quality, or maybe you’re not able to shoot your personal images? Never fear: the web is inundated with free sources. Here is a graphic featuring a lot of our absolute favorite (and free) mobile phone applications for editing pictures, programs for creating graphics/flyers/quotes and websites that offer free stock photos.


Have you got any advice for running an incredible social page? Tell us within the comments!

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Leveraging Mobile-First Google Shopping Campaigns for that On-The-Go World


In nov 2015, Google announced that the very first time, mobile searches had surpassed desktop. This shojuld not be a real surprise, what may pique your interest rates are that in nov 2016 internet usage on mobile surpassed desktop. Now, not just tend to be more queries being carried out through tablets and phones, but additional time has been spent there too. To leverage the forex market shift, you&#8217ll have to pivot your promotional initiatives for any mobile-first world.

Updating your Google Shopping campaign(s) to pay attention to mobile traffic is definitely an excellent initial step. Mobile product listing ads can check all of the boxes to promote success: being there, being relevant, and being accountable. Let&#8217s break lower a couple of core tenants of why we have to shift focus for Shopping.

The elephant away from the room

Online property won’t ever ‘t be confined. This appears to be among the couple of constant concepts of internet advertising: location matters. On mobile, where competitors jostle for room around the small screen, shopping ads can conspicuously feature your products within an at the top, scroll-less feature. Honing your advertising strategy around Shopping is vital, for me, since it&#8217s still among the last bastion’s for ecommerce growth. The reason behind this is just because Amazon . com isn&#8217t there. From Business Insider, Amazon . com taken into account 53% of ecommerce development in 2016. 53%! For each $ 2 spent online in ecommerce this past year, they required one of these. The Bezos-brought machine is irrefutability the greatest player in US internet sales. They&#8217ve won, that&#8217s it. But, and there’s always a but, there’s a glimmer of hope via Google Shopping. Outdoors of some tests they ran in December, Amazon . com doesn&#8217t advertise around the Shopping network, a minimum of entirely pressure. With 55% of ecommerce searches beginning on on Amazon . com because it is, getting a name within the one place they&#8217re not is crucial.

Mobile Shopping relevance – Locating the buy now

Unsurprisingly, customers seeing your product or service via Google Shopping&#8217s scroll come in every part from the buying funnel. Having a mobile focus nevertheless, you can better optimize your feed to become a bit closer for the conversion side. Rather of targeting those who are browsing, we&#8217ll wish to stand before those who are searching to obtain an item for them rapidly.

Best practice for mobile usage &#8211 add keywords like review/s, ideas and &#8216how to&#8217/DIY phrases for your negative keyword list. These phrases reveal that someone continues to be researching around your products, instead of deciding that that’s the buy for them. We&#8217ll want our products to achieve a far more targeted, qualified audience. Rather, turn to add or append your UPC/MPNs towards the product name field. This selection is especially effective for hardware, automotive and electronics. If a person is hunting for a particular product, just like an oven light switch substitute, they are able to rapidly google the partNo connected using the piece they simply pulled from their stove and obtain the outcomes they&#8217re searching for. An relevant product image, which corresponds directly using the factor they&#8217re holding within their hands, may as well have &#8216buy now&#8217 inside a neon sign regarding this.

Your Store and Google Shopping &#8211 Accountabilibuddies

Carefully connected with relevance, you have to show the best product in the proper time. Google will hold your computer data feed accountable by making certain the data you utilize in ads expires-to-date and proper. Around the switch side, you&#8217ll have to make certain that the website and mobile experience return a person experience Google expects individuals. What this means is a responsive website by having an easy checkout (easy around the dropdown options and textboxes) created for small screens.

The easiest method to keep the marketing campaign responsible for the revenue/traffic/Return on investment it produces is going to be by pointing out metrics. Rate of conversion will probably be the primary KPI adopted by true conversions. To look for the effective of the mobile experience, an easy and quick strategy is to navigate for your campaign&#8217s Settings tab and searching in the device breakdown. This is when you place a mobile bid adjustment too. Consider the rate of conversion, cost per conversion and acquisition rate to determine the way your desktop v. mobile shoppers are faring.


To segment this data further I would suggest developing a mobile-only Google Shopping campaign. Using built-in AdWords functionality, you are able to copy over your previous campaign and then suggest alterations in diverge your two kinds of traffic. Setting your original (and today desktop) campaign&#8217s mobile bid adjustment to -100% will siphon all mobile visitors to your brand-new campaign. Then, set the desktop bid adjustment in your mobile campaign to -100%. Despite CPC putting in a bid exactly the same, you&#8217ll have the ability to rapidly begin to make optimizations on the different sorts of traffic. As suggested above, you&#8217ll have the ability to have distinct negative keyword lists allowing the desktop experience to consider possession of the top funnel buying cycle. Mobile friendlier brands products may also be segmented for his or her own budget, stopping daily budget cannibalization.

So, with this particular new group of data before you, monitor your AdWords campaigns (beyond Google shopping) to determine where you can find areas for improvement and areas to capitalize one. Updating your negative keyword list, creating mobile-specific campaigns and purchasing UX can help future-proof your advertising for that near future.

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What’s the very best Financing Choice for My Small Company?


Financing a startup isn’t any easy undertaking. Based on the U.S. Sba, the typical quantity of capital needed can vary between $10,000 to $80,000 yearly. Where can a brandname-start up business use receive this sort of funding, particularly when they don’t have the credit that established companies have?


The truly amazing news is the fact that even though you element in your startup and it is financing needs, there are many borrowing possibilities. Let’s check out the most typical ones and whether they can be a fit for the startup.


1) Funds from family, buddies, and self.


In 2013, Small Company Trends reported that 82% of startup funds originate from family, buddies, or even the entrepreneur themself or herself, with 77% of small companies utilizing their personal savings to invest in their companies.


Surprisingly, personal savings and financing from buddies and household is really probably the most common causes of startup dollars. However, for around they might be prepared to give you support, financing through relatives ought to be handled carefully. Instead of frequently request money in the same people, expand outside your immediate group of friends. Consider funding options from acquaintances or other people who might in thinking about what your startup does.


2) Charge cards and private loans.


Small companies (and people) might be trained to be put off by dealing with charge card or loan debt, but exterior debt plays a large role in benefitting youthful startups. Based on the Small business administration, entrepreneurs receive three-quarters of small company funding from banks by means of charge cards and private loans. Entrepreneurs that curently have retirement funds put aside might even in a position to take a loan from that account to repay on the loan!


While charge cards may take into account 7% of startup capital (as reported by the Small business administration in 2013), don’t knock them as an origin of personal debt. Neil Gottlieb, Founding Twin at Three Twins Frozen Treats, was lately profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine where he credited this supply of funding to keep the company going throughout an downturn in the economy. His advice for implementing charge cards is straightforward: spend the money for balance entirely every month and become grateful that they’re open to have and employ for startups.


3) Small company loans.


Another financing option is to use for a small company loan or grant available with the government. The Small business administration, for instance, offers loans through commercial lenders. While these aren’t direct loans, they are doing use lenders to lessen lenders’ risk and supply an incomplete guarantee for loans. Ultimately though, it’s essential that entrepreneurs do their research to try to get the loans that are the most useful fit for his or her business.


4) Partners


Earlier, I pointed out contacting interested individuals outdoors of the group of friends as you possibly can investors. By working alongside someone, you’ll possess the reassurance in understanding that you’re dealing with a skilled professional and become an infinitely more attractive candidate to banks or any other financing entities that you might want to take a loan from for the startup.


5) Private investors and vc’s.


We managed to save the very best for last, mostly because private investors and vc’s are usually a little more specific like a funding option. Private investors invest their wealth right into a business (typically towards the tune of $25,000 to $100,000 per company) and ask for equity in exchange. Vc’s purchase high-growth companies, like apps and software startups, and therefore are provided shares in the organization or perhaps an equity position that enables the VC to become mixed up in startup.


Ultimately, deciding which financing option is the best for your startup is really a decision that will need you to definitely spend time considering your company’s past, present, and future. Whether or not you’re pitching for an investor or member of the family, make certain that you could completely explain the concept behind your startup and strategic business plan. This provides every individual a glimpse to return of the startup and also the valuable role that they’ll play within its success.


About the writer

Deborah Sweeney may be the Chief executive officer of, which supplies online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and companies, startup bundles which include corporation and LLC formation, registered agent services, DBAs, and trademark and copyright filing services. You’ll find MyCorporation on Twitter at @MyCorporation and Deborah at @deborahsweeney.

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